The Perfect Getaway in Middle Tennessee: The Best Rental Cabins

Discover some of the best rental cabins in Middle Tennessee for your perfect getaway! From luxurious cabins with resort-style features to cozy cabins in the woods - there's something for everyone.

The Perfect Getaway in Middle Tennessee: The Best Rental Cabins

Are you looking for a peaceful and serene vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Middle Tennessee is the perfect destination for a perfect getaway. With its lush forests, beautiful lakes, and plenty of outdoor activities, it's no wonder that Middle Tennessee is a popular destination for travelers. Whether you're looking for a luxurious cabin with resort-style features or a cozy cabin in the woods, there are plenty of rental cabins in Middle Tennessee to choose from. Getaway Dale Hollow is one of the best rental cabins in Middle Tennessee.

Located less than two hours northeast of Nashville, near Celina and Dale Hollow Lake, this quiet cabin camp is set on more than 400 acres of beautiful Tennessee forests. The cabins come with one or two beds and offer the perfect opportunity to disconnect and refocus in a safe and clean environment. The basement is a modern movie theater with pouf-shaped seating and also functions as a full game room, with a beautiful wooden card table. Outside, you'll be entertained with a pool, spa, fire pit, and small log cabin with a playhouse for the kids.

With enough space to sleep up to 20 people, this five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home is an ideal choice for large family events or multi-family getaways. The Caspian Cottage is another great rental cabin in Middle Tennessee. This private, quaint vacation rental is set on more than 100 acres and offers access to hiking trails and idyllic views. Equipped with business-class cable TV and high-speed internet, you don't have to worry about being disconnected here. It's just 20 miles from Music City!The Lodge at Chavis should be your ideal choice for a family vacation near Nashville.

This 3,000 square foot home has nine bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, making it perfect for large groups. Prepare your favorite meals in the well-equipped kitchen and enjoy an outdoor family dinner on the patio or in the dining room. Pecan Valley Cabin is a private, pet-friendly cabin in Nashville on 10 acres in the Scottsboro neighborhood. The hosts offer all the amenities you'll find in a typical hotel, such as toiletries, clean bedding, and a coffee maker. Spend quality time with your family on the back deck, eating snacks and drinking beers at the picnic table. The wooden cabin on the side of a hill in Whites Creek has an exceptional five-star rating.

Welcoming travelers and furry friends alike, this one-bedroom apartment has a private (and spacious) inground pool. The reservation includes a free breakfast with homemade bread so you can start your morning right. If you find the strength to get away from the beauty of this property, Nashville's top attractions such as the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame are less than 10 miles away. Cherokee Orchard Cabins also offers rentals for 6-8 people if you're looking for something smaller. Enhance your trips to Tennessee with a comfortable stay in one of many cozy cabins that are available for rent throughout the state. Fishing Cabin on Douglas Lake in Dandridge offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, smoking room and game room. From mountain huts to rural farms, Keystone State's unique Airbnb rentals offer something for every traveler. Book a cabin in Nashville and you can take in the sights and sounds of the country music capital of the world during your stay in the country.

Bear Foot Mountain Resort offers one bedroom cabin for two with perfect view. This modern cabin makes family togetherness easier than ever because the living room, full kitchen, and dining room are all on an open floor plan. Among the best natural cabins in Tennessee, it offers wonderful access to outdoors and amenities including fireplace and snow sports activities. Take a seat in one of 20 rustic two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabins located near Tims Ford Lake in Tims Ford State Park.

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